FDA and Abbott reach infant formula deal to try to ease shortage

The Food and Drug Administration on Monday reached an agreement with Abbott Laboratories on the steps needed to reopen the company’s shuttered infant formula plant, which could begin to ease the infant formula shortage that has frightened and infuriated parents. in all the countries. The FDA said it expected Abbott to restart production in about … Read more

FDA announces it will make it easier to import certain infant formulas to ease shortage

The United States typically produces 98% of the infant formula it uses, with imported formula coming mainly from Mexico, Ireland and the Netherlands, the agency said in a statement. But because of the shortage, the FDA describes a process by which it “would not object to the importation of certain infant formula intended for a … Read more

FDA chief insists baby formula shortage is caused by ‘distribution’ issues, not lack of supply

The head of the Food and Drug Administration claimed on Monday that the disappearance of baby formula from store shelves across the United States was due to a “distribution problem” rather than a lack of supply. “I don’t want this to sound like we don’t care about parents who are struggling to find formula for … Read more

Severe pilot shortage in the United States forces airlines to seek solutions

Airline pilots walk through Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on December 27, 2021 in Arlington, Virginia. Anna Moneymaker | Getty Images The United States is facing its worst pilot shortage in recent memory, forcing airlines to cut flights just as travelers return after more than two years of the Covid-19 pandemic. The crisis pushes the … Read more

Biden rejects the idea that his administration should have acted sooner on the shortage of formula milk

Following remarks at the White House Rose Garden, Biden pushed back when asked if the administration should have responded more quickly to formula shortages across the country, telling CNN’s Jeremy Diamond, “If we had been better mind readers, I suppose we could have.” The president later said solving the problem required the federal government to … Read more

EXPLAINER: What’s behind the baby formula shortage?

WASHINGTON (AP) — Many parents seek out infant formula after a combination of short-term and long-term issues hit most of the biggest American brands. Millions of babies in the United States depend on formula, which is the only recommended source of nutrition for infants who are not exclusively breastfed. Here’s a look at what’s behind … Read more

Formula shortage has anxious parents stalking shelves nationwide

Jessica Ibarra stood in a Target store, staring at bare shelves that should have been filled with formula. It was Tuesday, six days after giving birth to her daughter, and neither she nor her husband had had any luck finding formula on trips to several grocery stores near their home in Arlington, Texas. Another mother, … Read more

What you can and can’t do to overcome the baby formula shortage, experts say

The California doctor has received phone calls, emails and social media posts – not just from his patients but from families across the US – as well as photos of empty store shelves that once held preparations for infants. “It’s scary for these moms and their babies, and it becomes a real problem,” Altmann said. … Read more

The shortage of infant formula is getting worse; CVS, Target, Walgreens limit sales

Infant formula supplies have become tighter, increasing the percentage out of stock to 40% from 31% two weeks earlier. The shortage has led retailers including CVS, Target and Walgreens to limit infant formula purchases. Shortages are even worse in some states: Tennessee, Texas, Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota are facing supply shortages greater … Read more