Elon Musk does not fear a recession

Elon Musk is in the news. He is everywhere. The CEO of premium electric vehicle maker Tesla (TSLA) – Get the Tesla Inc report somewhat reminiscent of former Republican President Donald Trump when the latter was in power. Like Trump, Twitter is Musk’s main communication channel. Like the property developer, the tech mogul seems to … Read more

Stablecoins were meant to be “stable”. Then the crash happened

On Twitter and Reddit, stunned Luna and TerraUSD investors attempted to take stock of their losses after the dramatic cryptocurrency crash last week. Both cryptos took a beating as Terra – a supposed “stablecoin” believed to hold a price of $1 – lost its peg, and connected crypto Luna fell 99% in a matter of … Read more

George Soros backs Rivian bet as Ford delivers bad news

Rivian (SHORE) – Get the Class A report from Rivian Automotive, Inc. was scared but the electric vehicle manufacturer made up for it well. The young manufacturer of electric SUVs and pick-ups has just cleared some of the many doubts hanging over its short-term future. The Irvine, Calif.-based company confirmed its production target of 25,000 … Read more

‘Nowhere to hide?’ Why stagflation fears put stocks on the brink of a bear market

It will take more than Friday’s big rebound to dispel fears of a bear market in equities as uncertainty over the Federal Reserve’s ability to rein in inflation without sinking the economy stokes fears of stagflation – a pernicious combination of slow economic growth and persistent inflation. Stagflation is “a terrible environment” for investors, typically … Read more

Why the black sheep of the crypto world is freaking investors out

This week, a so-called popular algo coin collapsed, wiping out billions of dollars in value in just days. The coin, called TerraUSD, is designed to hold its value at $1, forever and ever, amen. Instead, it fell as low as 23 cents on Wednesday before recovering ground. It was hovering around 60 cents early Thursday. … Read more

TerraUSD Cryptocurrency Plunges as Investors Bail Out

A sell-off in a cryptocurrency believed to be pegged to $1 accelerated on Wednesday, briefly sending its price below a quarter of that value. TerraUSD traded as low as 23 cents on Wednesday, according to data from CoinDesk. As of 2:43 p.m. ET, it had partially rebounded to around 68 cents in volatile trading. A … Read more

Should I sell my shares now?

While the May 5 stock market crash rattled many investors, it only continued a trend. A number of stocks that had generated huge returns during the pandemic have seen their prices fall dramatically over the past year. This is not a one day phenomenon. It’s something that’s been going on for quite a while. To … Read more

What Bitcoin could be worth to Fidelity. You will be surprised.

Text size Fidelity’s push to Bitcoin is controversial but could be lucrative for the company. Dreamstime.com Fidelity Investments shocked the retirement industry last month by deciding to make Bitcoin available in 401(k) plans. Add up the earnings that could pay off, and it starts to be less of a surprise. Fidelity is the nation’s largest … Read more