Long Covid symptoms in older Americans are often hard to recognize, experts say

Lifting her clothes, raising her arms, putting things in her closet leaves Bell feeling out of breath and often triggers severe fatigue. He walks with a cane, only for short distances. He weighs 50 pounds less than when the virus hit. Bell, 70, is one of millions of older adults who have struggled with long … Read more

How many times can you get COVID? What experts know about reinfection

The new normal is now. For what seemed like a moment, COVID-19 became an unavoidable part of daily life more than two years ago – with no signs to suggest we’ll ever see the opposite again. As we look to our lives ahead with waves of new “stealth” variants and subvariants, and seasonal vaccine reminders, … Read more

Knowing the signs of a stroke and getting help early can make all the difference, say experts | CNN

CNN — When it comes to a stroke, it is essential to act quickly. “Lost time is lost brain. Every minute counts,” according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A stroke is a serious medical event and can lead to disability or even death if not treated quickly, said Dr. Andrew Freeman, … Read more

Is it healthy to have sex? Is daily sex healthy? Experts answer Google’s sex questions

Have you ever turned to Google to ask questions about sex and sexual health? We asked experts to answer some frequently searched questions on Google about sex. “Sexual health is an important part of health,” Dr. Jewel Kling told USA TODAY. Sex: Have you ever searched on Google? From researching the potential health benefits of … Read more

Elon Musk wants to know how many fake Twitter accounts he has, but experts say his approach is totally wrong

Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent Twitter shares plummeting on Friday when he said he would pause its $44 billion acquisition of the social network while he researches the proportion of fake accounts and spam on the platform. Although Musk later clarified that he remained committed to the deal, he continued to hammer home the issue … Read more

FDA, Biden ‘dropped the ball’ on infant formula crisis, experts say

The FDA “dropped the ball” on the nation’s infant formula crisis – closing a crucial factory on top of product recalls and not warning parents of the ramifications, experts told the Post on Friday.Desperate moms and dads have been scouring stores across the country for formula milk since mega-maker Abbott issued a safety recall in … Read more

Experts puzzled by number of people getting long COVID

Public health experts are divided on how many people are suffering from COVID-19, a potentially debilitating disease that occurs after a patient recovers from the coronavirus. Adverse effects of the disease can include fatigue, pain, neurological problems, and even changes in mental health. Initially, public health officials thought only a small minority of people would … Read more

What you can and can’t do to overcome the baby formula shortage, experts say

The California doctor has received phone calls, emails and social media posts – not just from his patients but from families across the US – as well as photos of empty store shelves that once held preparations for infants. “It’s scary for these moms and their babies, and it becomes a real problem,” Altmann said. … Read more

Long Covid “continues to rise”, experts say. Here’s how to tell if you have it – and what to do about it

Over the past two years, new Covid cases and deaths have risen and fallen alongside surges in variants and sub-variants. One constant, say the experts: a continuous increase in long cases of Covid. The term “long Covid” refers to the wide range of new, ongoing or recurring health conditions that can affect people weeks or … Read more

COVID Illinois: CDC, health experts urge caution for Mother’s Day weekend gatherings as cases rise

CHICAGO (WLS) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Chicago was now in the middle transmission risk level just before Mother’s Day, warning experts of another possible surge. That’s why authorities are urging people to wear masks and avoid gatherings altogether if they show symptoms of COVID-19. Doctors have also said a home … Read more