Expert warns that the prevalence of ticks in America is increasing

The number of ticks – and therefore tick bites – has increased in recent years, a top expert warns, but Americans can protect themselves from parasites this summer with a few simple steps. Dr Jon Oliver, an entomologist at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, told that millions of Americans are bitten by ticks each … Read more

CDC 71 new cases of mysterious pediatric hepatitis

Another 71 cases of the mysterious hepatitis are under investigation in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed on Wednesday. No other deaths have been reported in the past two weeks, but earlier the CDC revealed it was investigating five deaths in the outbreak – including one in Wisconsin. One more … Read more

Mississippi is the fattest place in America, report says

Mississippi is the fattest state in America, with two in five adults obese or morbidly obese, a report revealed Tuesday amid growing warnings about the nation’s health. Telephone surveys of more than 400,000 people nationwide showed Magnolia State had the highest obesity rates, followed by West Virginia and neighboring Alabama. At the other end of … Read more

Huntsville, Alabama takes the top spot for best place to live in America, beating Boulder, Colorado

Alabama’s largest city, Huntsville, has been named the best place to live in America, taking home the award from Boulder, Colorado for the first time in two years. According to the U.S. News & World Report ranking system, Huntsville’s high quality of life, affordability, and inexpensive property appeal to Americans looking to put down roots … Read more

Inflation threatens summer vacation plans for millions of Americans

Soaring inflation threatens the travel plans of millions of Americans as growing demand for travel and vacations drives up prices. Gasoline hit a new high of $4.45 on Saturday, and the start of the peak summer travel season is still several weeks away. Earlier this week, federal inflation data showed airfares were up 33% from … Read more

Half a cup of blueberries a day could prevent dementia in the elderly, study finds

Eating half a cup of blueberries every day in your late 50s may stave off dementia later in life, study finds Eating just half a cup of blueberries every day in their 50s can help them avoid devastating cognitive decline later in life, new research suggests Researchers found that people in their 50s who are … Read more

Elon Musk says Trump SHOULD NOT run for president in 2024 but will get his Twitter back

Elon Musk says Donald Trump should skip the 2024 election even as he promises to restore the former president’s Twitter account. The Tesla CEO shared his views on US politics in a series of tweets Thursday night. He said Trump should not run for office because a “less divisive candidate would be better off in … Read more

TikTok is being sued by the family of a Philadelphia girl, 10, who died doing a dangerous ‘blackout challenge’

The family of a 10-year-old girl who choked to death in a TikTok challenge is suing the video platform for negligence and “faulty design”. Nylah Anderson of Philadelphia was found unconscious in her mother’s bedroom closet on December 7. She hung herself from a purse strap after seeing videos related to the ‘blackout challenge’ on … Read more

People with asthma are advised to take precautions because the pollen…

Map reveals Britain’s biggest hay fever hotspots: Met Office warns of high pollen levels from TODAY – as experts say ‘could be deadly’ for millions people with asthma and lung disease The Met Office predicts high levels across England and Wales today, Saturday Pollen levels will remain high in Wales until Sunday but drop slightly … Read more

Baby fox tests positive for bird flu in Minnesota, officials reveal

A baby fox has tested positive for H5N1 avian flu in Minnesota, state officials revealed Wednesday, in the first reported case in a wild mammal in America. The state Department of Natural Resources said the kit fox was found outside a fox den and unable to use its hind legs in Anoka County, near Minneapolis. … Read more