Professor Hannah Fry on calculating the risks of cancer treatment: ‘I would have paid any price’

In February last year she underwent a radical hysterectomy which, along with the removal of her uterus, included her fallopian tubes, cervix, part of her vagina and a large selection of pelvic lymph nodes. . His lymph nodes were, it turns out, clear. Such radical surgery meant she didn’t need chemo or radiation. She is … Read more

Doctors told a 29-year-old woman she was too young for cancer. Then came the “terrifying diagnosis”

Katie Coleman has been diagnosed with a rare type of kidney cancer in 2020, when she was 29 years old. She had spent a frustrating year and a half consulting doctors to figure out what was wrong before finally getting an answer. Coleman, a software developer who recently started a new job in Austin, Texas, … Read more

Skin Cancer Mum Reveals Chemo Cream Leaves Her Looking Like ‘Acid Attack Victim’

Toronto’s Honore Stark has to wear chemotherapy cream for at least six hours a day which she says leaves her looking like an ‘acid attack victim’ A mother with cancer has shared shocking images of how her chemotherapy cream leaves her looking like an ‘acid attack victim’. Honore Stark from Toronto in Canada, initially dismissed … Read more

Dairy products linked to increased cancer risk in major research study

According to a major study looking at dairy consumption and cancer risk in Chinese adults, higher consumption of dairy products was associated with higher risks of liver cancer and breast cancer in women. The first large study looking at dairy consumption and cancer risk in Chinese adults found that higher consumption was associated with increased … Read more

My docs said I had heartburn from partying – now I’m fighting for life

A university student who had been diagnosed with ‘alcohol heartburn’ was horrified to discover that she actually had incurable cancer. “It literally turned my life upside down,” Georgia Ford, 20, told Kennedy News of the misdiagnosis gone horribly wrong. “I went from being a full-fledged university student in a matter of weeks to being hospitalized … Read more