Bay Area health officials scramble to contain monkeypox outbreak

Monkeypox cases have more than doubled over the past week in California and the Bay Area, where health officials are joining a global scramble to contain the outbreak as the virus still circulates in networks limited social.

California had reported 95 cases of monkeypox on Friday, down from 40 the previous week, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. About 460 cases were reported nationwide on Friday, up from 150 the previous week.

In the Bay Area, more than two dozen confirmed or suspected cases have already been reported, including 16 in San Francisco alone on Friday, though that number is only updated once a week and is almost certainly higher. now, health officials said.

The infectious disease, a cousin of smallpox, is manifested by skin lesions and is transmitted by intimate contact from person to person. Most people recover completely without treatment, but monkeypox can cause serious illness in children and some other vulnerable groups. Even for those who are not seriously ill, it can take weeks to recover and cause discomfort and pain.

So far, nearly all cases have been reported in gay or bisexual men, most of whom are believed to have been exposed through sexual or other close contact with an infected person. The risk to the general public remains very low, according to local and federal health authorities.

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